Thursday, 4 April 2013

10 Ways to be Perfect

I told the story of the 10 commandments from the Jesus Storybook Bible for a group of ten 4-8 year olds.

Before the story the children made their own little Moses which they each had in their hands during the story too. They used him like a puppet to act out the story as I told it - holding him up high when Moses climbed the mountain etc.

 I got the template from "Sunday School Crafts" which has a lot of fun, free resources like this so check it out! All the kids had to do was colour him in, cut him out and stick him onto a toilet roll insert (you could use rolled up card if you don't have TP inserts but the thicker the card the better). 

The children loved the finished product.

How cute is he!

I wanted to something to give the children an idea of what the tablets Moses would had would be like so I made these super easy little props which the children took turns holding up for the others during story time.

First I cut out the shape I wanted from a cereal box

Then I scrunched up some baking paper / grease-proof paper
I un-scrunched the paper and stuck it on to the card.

Then I wrote the commandments on with a sharpie.

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